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    The Time Traveler 5

    After 2 years of hiatus, ladies and gentleman, I give you–The Time Traveler 5!

    Given that, I haven’t been animation or using sony vegas for a while so the quality of the editing is not up to bar compare to many of the sony vegas editors today. I am still in the rusty mode. However, I’m learning again. 🙂

    As for the series, I will not discontinue this series no matter how busy my life will be in the near future. I want to keep video editing as my hobby, so expect more release from me! 😀

    Lastly, I want to thank you all of my voice actors who have sticked with me through the thick and thins. I also want to thank all of the new voice actors who have contributed to this episode. Thanks a lot guys & girls.

    Other than that, I hope you enjoy, and stay tune for episode 6! 😀

    Another Note:

    As for the voice acting goes, we are not professionals. We are just teenagers
    who like to voice acts for fun. Thus, if we suck then, I guess we suck. We
    will try our best to improve, but then again, don’t expect anything spectacular from us.

    Also, the main reason why I made this series is that my friend and I can
    voice act for fun. We do it b/c we had fun and we try our best. But if we
    don’t meet your expectation, or if our voiced kills the story & animation,
    then by all mean let it kill it. I’m not going to stop making a voice acting
    series just b/c we suck. I’m doing this for the fun of it. If you like, then watch
    if you don’t then you got all the right to leave.

    Voice Actors:
    Jake- Chan: www.youtube.com/posthuman404
    Emily- Jen: www.youtube.com/justpractice
    Elizabeth- Jackie: www.youtube.com/shadowmist29
    Dmitri- Rob: www.youtube.com/UnstableCore
    Dr. Nicky: www.youtube.com/hollyxster
    Marcus- Roman :www.youtube.com/911ape
    Robert- Jacob: www.youtube.com/keymster
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    Gentleman Music Vol 1


    Dear Owners and Copyright Holders:

    The reason for this channel is to give Deep house/ Ambient House/ Tropical House and Afro House followers a platform where they can listen and be informed about the genre. As well as the name of the artist and the song and where they can buy the music. Together we can grow the interest in the genre and support the musicians who making the songs. We attempt to add purchase connections to Beatport/ Traxsource/ iTunes and so forth where conceivable. If any Owner or Copyright holder is not happy with this video please contact us on ernestoblaque@yahoo.com and will be removed immediately.

    1. Josh Winiberg-Weeping Willow (Original Mix)
    2. Helly Larson-Spiritual Life (Original Mix)
    3. BiG AL-MotionOriginal Mix
    https://www.traxsource.com/track/2987985/motion-original-mixg Al-Motion (Original Mix)
    4. Madloch-Walls (One Of Them Remix)
    5. Ernesto Blaque-Every step
    6. Jero Nougues-Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
    7. Venntaur – Hypercanon (Jero Nougues Remix)
    8. Addex dragons with no fear
    9. BDTom-Time Traveler (Original Mix)
    10. Oona Dahl- Let the light in (Original)
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    Korean Travel: EWHA where Korean First Ladies Graduated 梨大-野蠻女友拍攝地 (EN SUB)

    (English Below) 你知道嗎,韓國歷任的總統夫人幾乎都是從梨大畢業的!還有,15年前的全智賢和車太賢,一起合演的《我的野蠻女友》中,當時全智賢扮演的就是一位梨花女子大學的女大學生.我們今天的目的地是,世界最大的女子大學 – 梨大!

    如果你還記得15年前,曾經感動全亞洲的“雙賢組合”不是現在的全智賢和金秀賢喔,而是15年前的全智賢和車太賢,一起合演的《我的野蠻女友》中,當時全智賢扮演的就是一位在梨花女子大學上學的女大學生, 而牽牛則是延世大學的學生,《請回答1994》,《美麗的日子》都在這一帶拍攝了很多鏡頭



    You Know What? Most of the first ladies of Korea graduated from Ewha University! And, Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun 15 years ago, they starred in mega blockbuster hit ‘My Sassy Girl’ together. Jun Ji-hyun played a student at Ewha Woman’s University. Our destination for today is the largest women’s university in the world – EWHA University!

    ‘Reply 1994’ and ‘Beautiful Days’ are set in this area as well

    Ewha University, which based on the motto “Knowledge, Goodness, Beauty” has over 100 years of history. People’s general impression of the students here are beautiful, intelligent, and graceful

    And do you know that most of the first ladies of Korea even graduated from Ewha University! That’s why it’s also called “the cradle of Korea’s first ladies”

    There is a famous commercial street in front of Ewha University
    Because there are four universities in the area of Sinchon, it’s mostly students who shop here, so the prices are very reasonable

    Subscribe NOW to HALLYU WORLD:

    Get more Hallyu World (更多資訊):
    LIKE Hallyu World:
    Official Site: www.HallyuWorldOfficial.com
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    Ladies only travel group Appooppanthaadi Monsoon @Nelliyampathi Palakkad

    This time we kick started our monsson with a location at Kerala itself and it was Nelliyampathy from Palakkad. 24 Appooppanthaadis joined to get wet in mist and rain at Nelliyampathi!

    Appooppanthaadi is a ladies only travel group Found by Sajina Ali based in Kerala. For further details please follow the links

    Facebook –
    Instagram –
    website –
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    Chopard L.U.C. It’s the journey, not the destination


    The L.U.C collection is intended for modern gentlemen seeking refinement, precision, traditional horological expertise and distinctive elegance. Elegant, well-mannered, distinguished, and always a L.U.C watch on his wrist: a true gentleman is all of this. Discover our golden rules to master a distinctive style. It’s the journey, not the destination

    Because style, good manners and a dash of humor are everything a gentleman needs.

    Discover our L.U.C Time Traveler One : http://www.chopard.com/watches/l-u-c/l-u-c-time-traveler-one-168574-3001?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=OrganicPost&utm_campaign=LUC

    Discover more on our website :

    Follow us on :

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    Ladies only travel group Appooppanthaadi to Udhayagiri near to Kanyakumari

    A day packed with fun and little adventures at Udayagiri fort which is situating 60km away from Trivandrum city, Kerala. 15 ladies joined together, many new faces and many those who already made their bond from the previous trips. A sumptuous homely lunch made tummy and heart full. But energy geared up to see the near by Heritage wonder Padmanabhapuram palace. Let the video speak now 🙂

    Appooppanthaadi is a ladies only travel group Found by Sajina Ali based in Kerala. For further details please follow the links

    Facebook –
    Instagram –
    website –
    ladies travel

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