Gentleman Music Vol 1

Dear Owners and Copyright Holders:

The reason for this channel is to give Deep house/ Ambient House/ Tropical House and Afro House followers a platform where they can listen and be informed about the genre. As well as the name of the artist and the song and where they can buy the music. Together we can grow the interest in the genre and support the musicians who making the songs. We attempt to add purchase connections to Beatport/ Traxsource/ iTunes and so forth where conceivable. If any Owner or Copyright holder is not happy with this video please contact us on and will be removed immediately.

1. Josh Winiberg-Weeping Willow (Original Mix)
2. Helly Larson-Spiritual Life (Original Mix)
3. BiG AL-MotionOriginal Mix Al-Motion (Original Mix)
4. Madloch-Walls (One Of Them Remix)
5. Ernesto Blaque-Every step
6. Jero Nougues-Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
7. Venntaur – Hypercanon (Jero Nougues Remix)
8. Addex dragons with no fear
9. BDTom-Time Traveler (Original Mix)
10. Oona Dahl- Let the light in (Original)
gentleman traveler

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