Korean Travel: EWHA where Korean First Ladies Graduated 梨大-野蠻女友拍攝地 (EN SUB)


(English Below) 你知道嗎,韓國歷任的總統夫人幾乎都是從梨大畢業的!還有,15年前的全智賢和車太賢,一起合演的《我的野蠻女友》中,當時全智賢扮演的就是一位梨花女子大學的女大學生.我們今天的目的地是,世界最大的女子大學 – 梨大!

如果你還記得15年前,曾經感動全亞洲的“雙賢組合”不是現在的全智賢和金秀賢喔,而是15年前的全智賢和車太賢,一起合演的《我的野蠻女友》中,當時全智賢扮演的就是一位在梨花女子大學上學的女大學生, 而牽牛則是延世大學的學生,《請回答1994》,《美麗的日子》都在這一帶拍攝了很多鏡頭



You Know What? Most of the first ladies of Korea graduated from Ewha University! And, Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun 15 years ago, they starred in mega blockbuster hit ‘My Sassy Girl’ together. Jun Ji-hyun played a student at Ewha Woman’s University. Our destination for today is the largest women’s university in the world – EWHA University!

‘Reply 1994’ and ‘Beautiful Days’ are set in this area as well

Ewha University, which based on the motto “Knowledge, Goodness, Beauty” has over 100 years of history. People’s general impression of the students here are beautiful, intelligent, and graceful

And do you know that most of the first ladies of Korea even graduated from Ewha University! That’s why it’s also called “the cradle of Korea’s first ladies”

There is a famous commercial street in front of Ewha University
Because there are four universities in the area of Sinchon, it’s mostly students who shop here, so the prices are very reasonable

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